Sunday, May 20, 2007

Odds and Ends

Everywhere a sign

I kid you not. On the side of a truck I saw this. It said Peed Plumbing. Not much else to add to that.

Song in my head

I was listening to the David Gray CD Life in Slow Motion while on the way over to friends. Now And Always came on and I just had to listen to it again. On the way back from my friends I must have listened to it have a dozen times. The end of the song is just incredible

Turn signals

I've come to the conclusion that turn signals no longer come as standard equipment on cars especially left turn signals. So few people seem to know how to use them. I guess they are now part an options package. Probably the option package called those who have a clue how to drive.

Feathered visitor

This little guy has been around for the last few days. It is young catbird. He is still learning how to fly. He can make short hops but that is about all for now. He can produce some very wonderful sounds and then can produce some that are really annoying. He seems to like staying around my front porch for some reason.

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