Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Same old story

Gas prices go up. Record levels reached. The news leads with the story.

There is the inevitable interview of someone at the pump filling up their tank bitching about the price. Ever notice how many times the vehicle being filled up is an SUV.

I think the question that should be asked to the person bitching is: “you realize of course the fact that you have a fuel inefficient vehicle is adding to the cost of gasoline.” If you’ve bought an SUV you shouldn’t be allowed to bitch about the price of gas.

No one held a gun to these people’s heads when they were in the car showroom and said you will buy the gas guzzler or else. The EPA ratings are printed in huge type on the car sticker. There’s no way you could not notice them unless you were blind.

I think, instead of asking them how they feel about the high price of gas, they should get a swift kick in the ass for contributing to the problem.

And we also sound like whinny brats because gas is much more expensive in Europe or Japan or New Zealand or . . .

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