Thursday, May 10, 2007

A song

With the advent of on-line shopping for music, it is amazing what is now available on CD. Old albums that would never have been put on CD are now ending up there. The record companies no longer have to send them out to stores and stores don’t have to have them in stock taking up value space for titles that actually sell.

So I’ve been picking up albums that I listened to when the albums were actual records. It is really great to hear them again. Some of these albums I probably haven’t listened to in at least 15 years or maybe even longer. I can’t exactly remember when I stopped playing records and went to only listening to CDs. I do still have my Denon turntable which I think I bought when I graduated from college which is over 25 years ago. (Ouch)

Anyway it is great to have these old albums and be able to sing along with the songs again some of which I haven’t heard in a very long time. Most of these artists have faded into the background. You don’t hear them at all on the radio any more. Like I said it is so great to be able to hear the open few bars of these songs and just start singing along with them.

Which reminds me of a song. The ironic part about this is that this song is one that I haven’t been able to find the album on CD. But part of it goes something like this:

Old friends long and dead gone
Lovers I’ve lost and close relations
So good to see them all again living in this a song

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