Sunday, September 23, 2007

Attack of the mosquito

It was 3 am Saturday morning, I woke up with my handing itching like crazy. I went into the bathroom to wash it and noticed that I ha four mosquito bites on it. I also saw I had two on my right knee. I turned on all my lights in my bedroom and looked for the the thing but of course could not find it. So I tried to go back to sleep. It was no good. My hand itched too much. So I got up.

I thought I might as well get something useful done. I stripped the bed and then went downstairs and put the sheets in the washer. I then came upstairs and decided I'd wash the dishes as well. I figured that having my hand in water might make the itch go away. It worked a little. I stayed up for another two hours or so doing laundry and cleaning. Then I fell asleep on the sofa for an hour or so. I had to get up and get going around 7.

I'd promised to take a friend shopping for new clothes because he got a new job. We got a very early start and got a great deal accomplished but then we had to wait for places to open. We were looking for dress pants and Target really didn't have any. I got home around noon.

My dad is coming later in the week and I'd wanted to spend time cleaning the house after getting home from shopping. But I was really beat so I didn't get much accomplished in that direction. A couple of small things and that's all.

I decided to get a good nights sleep and start off fresh in the morning. The mosquito had other ideas. I got buzzed and bitten. I kept turning on all the lights in my bedroom looking for the thing but to no luck. Then I decided to just stay in one place and see if it would come to me. Sure enough it did. My first attempt at killing it only wounded it and it fell to the carpet. I think smashed into a pulp. Finally I was able to sleep.

This morning I've shampooed the carpet in my dad's room and will be working on finishing up the laundry.

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