Sunday, September 25, 2011

Digital Camera Problems (again)

I seem to always be having problems with my digital cameras. The covering to a light falls on one. Everything works except for the shutter button. Can't do much with that. I drop the thing with the lens extended. The lens get all screwed up.

Out of the blue yesterday the lens cover won't open and close all the way. This happened when I was at the Nationals game. It still takes pictures but I have to use my finger to help the cover open. With this camera I got an extended warranty program. When I got home from the game, I immediately went to Best Buy. (In a funny side story, the friend I went with to the game lives in Virginia. I got home went to Best Buy and was on my way home before he got home. Granted he walked to the Capitol South Metro stop and then there were train problems but still.)

I was told they would send the camera out to be looked at. It would take 3-5 days. In two weeks I'm going to New York. The camera wouldn't go out until Monday. I started thinking this might cut things rather close especially if it took longer than what they said. So I'm going to wait until after I get back to get it fixed. I have a really old camera that I'm going to use today for the second day of the National Book Festival and for any other pictures I want to take. I'll only use the other one when I got to New York and hope for the best.

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