Thursday, September 01, 2011

Picking Up the Pieces

Tuesday morning there was someone in the courtyard of the office building I work in. He had a pair of binoculars, a camera with a telephoto lens on it, and roll of papers that at first glance looked like blue prints of the building. On looking a little close they turned out to be shots of the sides of the building.

This guy took his binoculars and looked at the upper levels of the building. The only conclusion that we could come to was he was looking to see if the building had any damage from the earthquake. He took some pictures of the upper stories (the courtyard is on the 2nd floor). He also marked up the pages with the pictures of the building. He stayed for about 20 minutes or so then left. Not sure what if anything he found.

As to the hurricane, just about everyone had their power back. The tree removal was very quick. The picture of the tree that was cracked at the bottom and leaning was removed the same day. I took those pictures around 9 in the morning. I had to go back to the grocery store because I needed to get lunch meat (the deli wasn’t open when I went earlier in the day). The tree was down. Not only down but cut up into logs. The other picture I had of the tree that fell into 10 Street was gone later in the afternoon.

So all in all a good response.

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