Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rhode Island Row — The Final Phase, Part III

This is the construction that is taking place on the side closest to the Giant. Looks like the final apartments. The last picture looks like an entrance to this building. There are stop lights up at the entrance but there is no sense of when those will be operational.

My feeling is that in the next couple of months, most likely around November, December, the main outside construction will be finished.

On their web site they talk about summer leasing specials. However when you click on the link there is no additional information. While they said there would be units for people to look at in August, that obviously did not happen. Then again what construction project doesn't run into some delays.

I'm interested in seeing what the apartments look like. I very interested to see what stores and restaurants will be going in. Hopefully that will all be answered very soon.

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