Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Strasburg Returns to the Nationals

Certainly it's been a year long wait for Nationals fans to see Stephen Strasburg return to pitching. He certainly did not disappoint. He pitched five very strong innings in less than ideal weather conditions. I was certainly watching the skies during the course of the day hoping the rain would hold off just long enough to see him pitch. And it did. There was a rain delay in the 7th inning which is when I left.

This from the Post:

But the rain held off long enough for Strasburg, 23, to take the mound roughly on time, and the hardy souls who decided to brave the elements to witness the return of the pitcher who captivated Washington in the summer of 2010 were rewarded with a performance that recalled those heady days — a five-inning, two-hit gem against the Los Angeles Dodgers

After Strasburg's departure the rest of the team self-destructed. I think the Post described it best:

Too bad for the Nats, he had to leave. They stunk subsequently and lost, 7-3.

It would have been great if they'd won the game, but it was just as great thing to see Strasburg back in the majors pitching again. Here's to many more great games.

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