Friday, October 28, 2011

Gum Update

Well things are going fairly well. Not much pain at all. Some discomfort. The main thing is figuring out how to chew my food.

But there is a very funny story to tell. Wednesday night I'm just about to go upstairs when I realize I haven't taken my pain medication. I'm not in much pain but the best thing to do is to take it just in case the pain decides to flair up.

I've turned off all the lights on the first floor. The upstairs hall light is on. I go back into the kitchen to take my Ibuprofen. Now here's a little back ground. The bottle of Ibuprofen that I have in the kitchen I bought at Giant foods. It is from a company called CareOne. It just so happens that I also bought a bottle of stool softener. It's from the same company. The bottles are of similar size. The colors used on the labels are sort of the same too.

I walk into the kitchen reach into the cabinet take down a bottle. I take the cap off and get out four pills. I'm supposed to take four of the regular strength Ibuprofen. I have the pills in my hand and think these feel like gel caps. The Ibuprofen is a tiny little pill. I turn on the kitchen light and see that in my hand are four pills but they're the stool softeners. Needless to say I put them back and got out the Ibuprofen.

Definitely dodged a bullet actually in this case a pill. I can only imagine what my night would have been like if I'd taken the stool softener. Here's a picture of the two bottles.

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