Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our First SNOW

Oh no snow!!!!!

It started in the afternoon. I'd gone out to the post office and to go to CVS. It was maybe a little after 1pm. It was just starting. It was hardly coming down but had started to collect on the windshield.

Then it hit! I was desperate to make it to the store. I needed milk. I needed eggs. I needed bread. I needed toilet paper. What would happen to me as the inches upon inches began to pile up. Would I be able to drive to the grocer store? If I couldn't drive would I be able to walk to the grocery or would the drifts be too high?

Well actually the snow came down for an hour or two. It barely covered the grass let alone the side walk or the street. But if it had I would have been already to be in high Washington DC panic mode when it came to snow.

Here are a couple of pictures of DC's first "snow" of the season.

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