Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Head STILL Hurts

Yes my head still hurts. This is like week 3 or more of this wonderful phenomena happening to me.

I've been to the doctor several times. Been on antibiotics. Been to see an ear, nose and throat guy. Upshot being we don't think it is a brain tumor because I don't have the right symptoms. In all likelihood it is a migraine. A migraine which seems to be lasting like forever. And you can have a migraine that lasts this long.

I stayed home from work yesterday. I'd thrown up the night before and then couldn't get to sleep. I was wiped out come morning and decided just to stay home. I called my doctor and left a message about had happened. Then I threw up again around 10 in the morning.

When my doctor got back to me he said go to an emergency room and have them do a CT scan. It was important to find out what was going on in my head (or if there was anything in my head). I headed out to Providence Hospital. It is about a 10 minute drive from my house.

I was checked in around 12:50 pm and was out of the place by around 4 pm. I have to say things went very quickly. A very professional and very friendly staff. Since it was the middle of the day, I didn't have to wait very long. The longest wait, which was close to an hour, was waiting for the scan to be read. Just a wonderful group of people.

I met with a doctor in an exam room and went over the last couple of weeks of what had happened to me. The doctor seemed to agree that it was probably migraine related but he said we run the scan and know for sure. He also said that I gave a very good history of what I'd been through. A nurse came in a little later and gave me some Tylenol with codeine which helped the pain in my head a lot.

Went back out into the waiting room. After a few minutes I was taken up to get my scan. Actually I was taken to an area where I waited for the scan. As always a great deal of waiting but thankfully not long waits. I get taken into the room where the scanner is. Get placed in the machine and about 5 minutes later all done.

Back to the waiting room for results. I have to say I got a little nervous waiting. After a while I started pacing. Then I went outside for a little while. Then I hovered near the door to the exam rooms. Finally my name was called. I was told that there was nothing in my head that is to say there was nothing bad in my head and I was fine.

Next step how to get my head to stop hurting but as least now I know there isn't some tumor in there.

Also I hope to get back to regular posting soon.

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