Sunday, October 23, 2011

Metro Gets One Right

This weekend Metro did major track work on the Red Line:

On the Red Line, buses will replace trains between Fort Totten and New York Avenue as Metro installs new track, ties, insulators and provides a work zone for District of Columbia Department of Transportation bridge work near New York Avenue station. Two stations -- Rhode Island Avenue and Brookland -- will be closed as a result.

I was doing things both days that would require me to use the Metro. I thought this would be a big huge pain in the ass. It turned out not to be the case at all. There were a couple of glitches. On Saturday it was a little confusing exactly where to catch the shuttle but to New York Avenue at the Rhode Island station. Also the route to the New York Avenue station seemed a bit convoluted. Lots and lots of turns. Also the driver of the bus on Saturday had printed instructions on the route to New York Avenue. He had a little trouble but then again there were as I said lots and lots of turns.

Sunday things worked great. I was meeting up with my friend Stu at the Newseum (more on that later) around 9 am. I had to head out early. I gave myself about an hour to get there. I got to the Rhode Island station just as one of the shuttle buses pulled in. There were Metro employees at the bus stop. One asked where I was going and I said New York Avenue. She told me get on the bus that had just pulled in. I got on and a few moments later the bus left. I was the only one on the bus. Now they very easily could have waited until more people got on but they didn't. I thought that was great.

Ended up I had no problems meeting Stu by 9 at the museum. The trip back to Rhode Island went just as smoothly. Nice to know that Metro can get things right.

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