Monday, November 07, 2011

Behind the Scenes Tour

Here's the description of the tour:

Have you always wanted to go upstairs at Monticello? These exclusive, daytime tours take you behind the scenes: to bedrooms once occupied by members of the Jefferson family on the second floor; to the iconic Dome Room on the third floor; and to the new, interactive "Crossroads" exhibition under the house. You'll see unique interior architectural features, learn about ongoing historic restoration efforts, and gain insight into what one of Jefferson's granddaughters called "the bustle and hurry" of life at Monticello.

It was indeed very cool. I will say this the stairs were very narrow and very steep. The reason was the Jefferson thought stairs were a waste of space.

One thing that was nice about it was you could take pictures.

Below are some shots of the Dome Room.

This picture gives an idea of just how tight the stairs were.

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