Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rhode Island Row — Progresses

Here are some shots of Rhode Island Row. I took these a couple of days ago when we had fog in the morning. This was also the first real use of the camera on my iPhone. I think they came out pretty well.

It looks they are on the final building phase of the project. The first two pictures show the are closest to Rhode Island Avenue. They've completed the parking part and are now building the residents.

The third pictures show the road leading to the Metro. You might notice that the stop lights are up. They are just flashing now to get people used to the fact that they are there. At least now people are almost stopping when driving in and out.

The fourth picture shows the side walk that they've opened up. So now you can actual walk on a sidewalk. They also added some landscaping too.

The last pictures show what the complex looks like from the Metro. Hopefully sometime by early spring there will be shops and restaurants open.

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