Thursday, November 03, 2011

I have a new iPhone

Yesterday my new iPhone 4S arrived. I had some problems getting it to work correctly.

I synced it through iTunes. About half way through the process (or at least I thought it was), I got an error message about not being able to access my Apple account. Wasn't sure exactly what to do. Decided to find a Verizon store and see if they could help me out.

Closest one was at Union Station. I drove down there. Turns out the phone had been set up and was working fine. Still not sure why I had the problem with the Apple ID.

Next thing was I tried to move all my contacts from my old phone to the new one. I down loaded the app that was supposed to do that. After setting it up, I was supposed to receive a code that I would enter and that would transfer all my contacts. The impression from the instructions was the code would pop up on a menu on the screen.

I receive a message with what I think is the code. I try and enter it. It was something like 640-2. Well the problem I had was I couldn't get the dash to work. In fact I couldn't get any punctuation marks to work at all. I tried many times but still couldn't get the thing to work.

I back out to the main screen. I notice that I have 4 text messages. It turns out these were the actual messages that had the code in it. I enter the code and my contacts are transferred. Yeah!

Next I try setting up my e-mail account. Turns out when I accessed iTunes all that information was transferred to the phone. I get my messages. Then I try and reply. Get an error message. I needed to enter a password. I enter my password where I think it should go. Still no luck. I decide be happy with getting the one thing to work and I go to bed.

This morning I get up and go to training. My trainer says once we're done he'll look at the phone and see if he can get it to work. We find another place to enter my password. I hope for the best. No luck.

I know there is a Verizon store near work. I take a little break and go there. The Verizon person is really nice. Says this should be easy to fix. He tries a couple of things and says well that should make it work. It doesn't. We are both puzzled by the fact that I can get messages but can't send them.

The Verizon guy decides to call Earthlink and find out what to do. I'm so very glad I took it to the store. Granted I could have called Earhtlink and probably could have been talked through the steps to fix this problem. But the Verizon guy knew exactly what he was doing and in a few minutes all was well.

Now I can really start to enjoy the phone and download all sorts of nonessential apps.

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