Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Figuring out E-mail with the iPhone

I’d thought that this would be a simple one but it didn’t turn out that way.

At first I couldn’t send any out going e-mails at all. I went down to a Verizon store and one of the people there helped me set up my e-mail.

All set right well not exactly. After a week, all of my in-coming messages were deleted except for the ones that were a week old or less. I had several years worth of messages. And they were all gone.

I looked through all sorts of settings on the iPhone to try and figure out how it might be causing this. I called up Earhlink my e-mail provider. They said I needed to check my iPhone and see that the settings were for incoming e-mail. I looked there. Under advanced settings there is a setting that says delete from server. The options are never, sever days or when removed from inbox. I’m pretty sure this was set to never. But I made sure that is what it was set on. I figure problem solved.

My e-mails continued to disappear. Another call to Earthlink. I was told I needed to check my POP account. And what is a POP account? Well here’s the definition:

A Post Office Protocol (POP) mail server.
A POP mail server (or simply “POP server”) is the most common form of incoming email server. Basically, the POP server is what receives the email and is almost always used with an SMTP server, which is the outgoing server.

The default setting for that was seven days. I can’t imagine why that would be the default but it was. I checked off of that. I think that did the trick because my e-mails are no longer disappearing.

I do have to say it would never have occurred to me that I needed to check in three different places to set my preferences on my in-coming mail.

In other iPhone news, I have a big think book that will tell me everything I need to know about the phone. Now to download endless apps.

As they say so many apps so little time.

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