Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Envelope of Whiskers

I was doing a podcast with Art last night. While doing it I was looking for something in a filing cabinet. I reached way in back of the top drawer and pulled out a bunch of stuff. Included in that stuff (most of it was junk to be honest) was an envelope full of whiskers. They are of course Sam whiskers. I was very pleased to find this. I had thought I’d lost it.

Now this needs a little explanation. My mom used to say that if you found a whisker from your cat it was good luck. Many a time when I received a letter from her there would be a whisker taped to a piece of paper. I think I even still have some that she sent.

So I picked up the habit too. I think once or twice I sent her a whisker from Sam. After awhile I decided I would just collect them. At first I put them on top of my dresser but as I got more and more of them I needed a better place to put. Thus the reason for the envelope. I started this back when I was living in Foggy Bottom or maybe when I lived on 12th Street. So we are talking about a collection of whiskers that could be more than 10 years old.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about Sam lately. I always said Halloween was his unofficial birthday. This year he would have been 16. I miss having him around the house. But finding the whiskers has certainly brought a smile to my face.

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