Sunday, February 21, 2016

Henrietta’s Story — A Cat Looking for a Forever Home

My friend Yolanda volunteers with the Washington Humane. She is fostering a cat named Henrietta. Here is her story:
Living alone on the streets of Washington DC can be very hard especially for a cat. But while this story begins on a down note, it does not remain that way. The little lady’s life started to turn around when she became a candidate for the Washington Humane Society’s Trap, Neuter, Return program, which is indicated by the ear tip. After a successful surgery, she was return to her community, Southeast DC. Eventually this little lady found her way to the gated courtyard between St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church and the home of the Missionaries of Charity (an order of Roman Catholic nuns).

She quickly attached the attention of the nuns, especially, Sister Dorothy, who began to lookout for and loving care for the cat she named Henrietta. Sister Dorothy teamed up with a parishioner, known for her love and compassion for cats and Henrietta began to receive food, water, care and love.

In November 2015, Sister Dorothy suspected that Henrietta may have injured her right eye. We trapped Henrietta and she came to stay with me and received medical care. Henrietta was diagnosed with and treated (by a veterinarian and an animal ophthalmologist) for a chronic deep corneal ulcer in her right eye. As of 2016, I am happy to report that Henrietta’s eye has healed, there is still scar tissue, but Henrietta has sight in both eyes.

It is now time for Henrietta to find her permanent, loving home. Henrietta is healthy and received a three year rabies vaccine. Henrietta is a foodie. She is not a picky eater and enjoys the company of her human while she dines. While not a lap cat, or a cuddlier, Henrietta wants to be and will stay in the same room with her human. If you leave before Henrietta wants you to leave, she will run up behind you and tap you on the leg. She likes playing with a variety of toys. Henrietta needs to be the only animal in the household.

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