Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Snow's Aftermath

This would have been up sooner but I'm still dealing with my month long January colds. I went to the doctor on Monday. He thought I was on the mend. But just in case he gave me a Z-pack. I think I'm finally feeling better. I'm still dealing with my cough but even that seems to be finally going away. I figured there were 5 days in January where I wasn't sick.

These pictures are from last Sunday. They give you a sense of just how much snow was still left. It is now just about all gone except for the mounds in the Home Depot parking lot. They've turned into mounds of ice. I think they'll be for at least another week.

This lane of parking spaces was taken up with the snow

This gives you a little perspective on just how high the piles of snow were.

This is supposed to be the turning lane to get out on to Rhode Island Avenue. Needless to say it wasn't all that usable.

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