Tuesday, June 06, 2017

News Coverage of the Recent Attacks

There certainly been way too many of these attacks. Perhaps it is the times we live. It might also be an indication that Isis is slowly but surely being pushed out of their territory and they need to find some sort of victories else where.

But that's not the main reason for this post. It is about the coverage on TV specifically on cable TV. It is to say the least over the top. Like way over the top. Take CNN for example. When the attack happened they had there breaking news logo on the screen. Six hours later they still had that up. Now unless there is some real new and breaking news about what happened that should no longer be up there.

If people aren't paying close attention, they might think that yet another attack happened.

Then there is line from well we shouldn't speculate and that exactly what they do. Based on little or no evidence they speculate on what happened. Now some time there is some good insight. One expert on CNN took a look at one of the bombers and said that doesn't look like a normal suicide vest. Turns out it was a fake one. So that was some useful information.

But sometimes the information isn't so useful or the opinion very valid. Case in point this gem of after three attacks in as many months most people in London will be looking long and hard how they do things. This will be changing people's lives. That was the essential pearl of wisdom from this guy.

My thought that that is a pretty silly thing to say. From my own experience after 9-11 was I didn't change my habits at all. I lived 10 blocks from the White House and worked 3 blocks from it. Several months after 9-11 I walked past armed soldiers on every intersection. Parked in those intersection were armored personnel carriers. They became a matter of routine after awhile. Then one day they just weren't there any more.

I will admit I was much more aware of my surroundings and looking out for suspicious behavior but I certainly did make major changes to my life. I think most people won't either. There are of course exceptions to that. If people frequent the area attacked on a regular basis, there might be some pause about going back there. But I think most people's reactions will be screw this assholes I'm living my life.

The other thing I've noticed and this had been happening well before these recent events is the penchant of reporters to ask people if they are scared at what happened. Most people say they are concerned but very few say they're scared. Yet the reporter asks the question again. They're like little kids saying are we there yet. Are we there yet. If you're a person watching this of TV seeing this question being asked over and over and over again at what point do you might think maybe I should be scared.

I realize these are 24 hour cable channels and they need to fill the time with something. But a little less over the top bombast and speculation and more just the facts Ma'am (to borrow from Dragnet) would be greatly appreciated by everyone.

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