Monday, January 08, 2007

Another take on Iraq

Here’s an interesting take on the situation in Iraq. I think the first paragraph sums up what’s been going on since we got into this mess.

The new plan for Iraq that President Bush will announce this week will suffer from the same fallacy that has infected each of his previous war strategies -- and also most of the counterproposals sprouting up in Washington. That is, the notion that American action can produce decisive results in Iraq in six to 12 months.

Civil wars are not fought in months. They take years. We should have learned from what this country went through.

It comes down to once again the complete lack of planning for what would happen after the war.

I cannot see how Bush will get people to support this. If there had been some honesty from the beginning, some ask of sacrifice on the country’s part, then maybe just maybe people would give this new gambit a chance.

But I believe Bush has spent his good will from the American people.

I think the question needed to be asked is: Why should be believe you this time Mr. President?

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