Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thawing out in Springfield

I talked to my dad yesterday. He said the temperature inside the house was just about 32. That’s the temperature inside the house. Thankfully everyone stayed at friends of my brother and sister-in-law’s Tuesday night. Then last night they were in a motel. The only problem was that the weather had knocked out the cable TV there. But at least they were warm.

They also had some luck. At my brother’s house the electrical box that’s attached to the house was pulled out when a limb came down and pulled a wire. They were able to find an electrician to come out and fix the box. The power company will still have to reconnect the power line but at least one thing it out of the way.

My dad had someone looking in the house next door who came over to take a look at my dad’s house. The guy crawled under my dad’s house to make sure the pipes that run to the outside faucets weren’t cracked. He took his blow torch and thawed them out. When my dad asked how much he owed the guy he was told not to bother. What a very great guy.

Also my dad found a tree guy again who was next door. If all goes well the tree guy will be back at the house this morning to take care of some of the damage. A huge chunk of the tree in front will have to come down. The tree guy says it will look funny for a few years but eventually it will grow out of that. He recommended that my dad leave the trees alone in the back yard. Since power lines run through some of the limbs, the power company should take care of it and probably won’t charge for it or if they do charge it won’t be as expensive.

As for when the power will be back on well that’s still anyone’s guess.

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