Sunday, January 06, 2008

Odds and Ends

Christmas time is over

I took down my tree and the outside lights over the weekend. This year there weren't as many houses with lights up. I'm already coming up with ideas of how to add more lights for next year.

The one way you can really tell the holiday season is over is when Christmas trees start appearing curb side. It always makes me sad. At least there's a chance of getting some snow. But not any time soon in DC. This coming week it will be in the 60s.

All in all I had a really good time over Christmas. The visit out to Springfield, even taking into account the problems with the license, was fantastic. The ice cream maker was delivered to my office on Friday.


I went to the DMV on Saturday to pick up some information on the test and the form I'd need to fill out. All you get is a rules of the road. There isn't a sheet with sample questions on it. There are a couple in the book. You can however go the the DMV web site and take sample tests (I'm not sure what people are supposed to do if the don't have web access). I've been doing that the last couple of days. Most of the time I'm getting 100 on the test. I'm hoping this week to take the test. The driving test will take a little more coordination but hopefully the following week.

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