Saturday, January 19, 2008


Another podcast with my friend Arthur in New Zealand.

You can go and listen to it here.

Here are the show notes from Arthur:

My last political podcast was before Christmas—which was before the Iowa Caucuses—and a lot has happened since then. Joining me to discuss all that today are Jason and Archerr from

I begin today with a brief explanation of what's going on for the benefit of non-American listeners. Then it's a brief recap of where we're at, especially the delegate totals. We then talk a bit about what's wrong with public opinion polls. This leads into a discussion of Super Tuesday and whether it will or won't be “all over” then.

I get the chance to slag off my home state of Illinois for it's asinine primary system, before I go on to reveal who I voted for President in the Illinois Democratic Primary and why. I also talk a bit about how US citizens living overseas vote.

The rest is a wide-ranging discussion of all sorts of things related to this campaign. Do Republicans hate each other? One leader says they do. Did you know that Mitt Romney has far higher negatives than Hillary Clinton? What about the economy? Iraq? They all get a look from us and we're not shy about saying what we think.

This is the first group podcast that I've done and I think it went very well. I hope Archerr can join us again.


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