Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back on the Bike

I am officially back on the bike. Finally the weather cooperated and we actually had two spring like days in a row. The few times there's been half way decent weather I was always doing something on those days. But this weekend was different.

I wasn't as completely prepared as I'd hope to have been yesterday morning. I got off 15 minutes later than I wanted to. But it was a nice bright and very sunny day. You can get an idea of what it was like by looking at the pictures below.

I like going out as early possible on the weekend. It is very very beautiful when you get out that early with the sun coming up over the city. Also there are hardly any people on the path which is always a plus.

I got just into Alexandria and turned back. I had to get to my spinning class which started at 9:15. I did about a total of 23 miles on Saturday.

Today was not as nice. It was a little cloudy. It seemed, at least at the start of the ride, warmer than yesterday. I got as a far as Belle Haven which is a little south of Alexandria. I was thinking of going as far as Mt. Vernon but thought better of it. I'd put in a great deal of time on the bike for the past two days and throwing in the spinning class, I decided to play it safe. Also I'm going to a spinning class tomorrow morning. Today I did 30 miles.

I think 53 miles for the first weekend of riding is pretty good.

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