Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whither my iPod

My iPod is slowly but surely fading away.

It has a mind of its own these days. It will skip songs without being asked to. It will stop playing whenever it wants to. Suddenly all the songs on it will completely disappear. Sometimes it is no longer recognized by iTunes.

Yesterday I took to the Apple Store. They said it was on it's last legs. It could last a few more months or maybe . . .

So the dilemma is what to do. The guy said that I could recycle my old iPod and get a 10% discount off the new one. I most likely will do that but I'd like to wait a few more months and then humanely have my iPod put out to pasture.

In other Apple news last week the new pricing scheme on iTunes went into effect. Songs are now $1.29, $.99 or $.69. I have to say I haven't seen any songs for $1.29 but I've also haven't seen any for $.69. Maybe it's going to take some time for the prices to be lowered.


Arthur Schenck said...

Better not wait TOO long—there'll be a new 2Political Podcast to download soon!

BTW, as far as I know, all songs on iTunes New Zealand are $1.79 (today about US$1.02), albums vary, but most seem to be $17.99 (US$10.29), which is cheaper than actual CDs from a physical store in NZ. All music is now "iTunes Plus" here, too.

Faethe said...

Hi Jason! I listen to 2political with you and Arthur. The drive is going bad in your ipod. You can fix it yourself.

Most of these come with simple instructions and kits. This depends on what generation of ipod you have. When did you buy it? The older the better - they are much easier to fix.

You can use itunes, or you can use one of the Russian services to get music like These are legal services in Russia, although the RIAA would rather you not know that.

The other thing you can do is think about getting a music subscription with a service that lets you download all you want.

Google Rhapsody. There are many other services like this out there that probably have what you need.

If you give up on your ipod, you can still auction it off on ebay and get some money towards a new one - certainly more than 10%! Broken ipods get good money because people restore them and sell them over, or use the parts.

Hope that helped!


Jason in DC said...

First and foremost thank you so much for listening.

Unfortunately, my iPod has gone to the great click wheel in the sky.

I decided to get a new one instead of trying to resurrect the old one.