Saturday, April 04, 2009

One Rep, Two Reps


Training continues. I have a rather ambitious agenda for the next week.

I had a personal training session yesterday. Today, Saturday, I'm taking a spinning class. Sunday I'm working out at the gym. Monday is spinning. Tuesday a personal training session. Wednesday another spinning class. Thursday a training session. On Friday I'm going to collapse.

The actual training is going very well. My trainer says I'm moving much better than when I started. I know I'm getting a good workout each time because I'm completely covered in sweat by the time I finish. I've also adjusted to the 7 am time. I try to get to the gym early so I can warm up on one of the treadmills. I like to use the one that give inclines from 3% to like 30%. That gets to be really difficult to do.

As for the actual workouts, they are a whole body routine. We don't just target one set of muscles. We use very few machines. Lots of squats or squat like exercises combined with moves that work your upper body. I've found that if you work the muscles only above your waist you really don't work up much of a sweat. Also you don't elevate your heart rate as much. But once you incorporate moves that involve your legs everything changes. You work up a lot more sweat. As I said I'm soaked by the end of w workout and you heart rate is much more elevated.

I need to get going and get ready for my spinning class. After that it's a walk around the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms.

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