Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Setting up the Garden

I decided this year not to buy a whole lot of flowers. I started adding up the cost and thought I could use the money in a better way say paying off my Bank of America credit card.

I did buy a couple of geraniums for one of the front flower boxes and will probably buy two more for another one of the boxes. I planted some zinnias in another of the boxes. In the last one it looks like one of the snap dragons survived from last year. I'm letting it grow and I'll see what happens.

Back to the seeds idea. I probably should have started this like a month ago but with all the cold weather we had I never thought all that much about it. I also hadn't definitively decided that I was going to plant seeds. I got some jiffy pots and seeds. Snap dragons, petunias and something else. Can't remember what it is. Last night I get ready to plant them. I open up the packages of seeds and all three of them the seeds are tiny. I mean like tiny tiny; like grains of sands tiny. Maybe not even that big. I plant five jiffy pots of each type of the seed. I still have a lot of seeds left over. It occurred to me that once the first batch get going I could plant some more.

They probably won't be ready to plant outside for at least a month if not longer. In the mean time I'll get the space where they are going to go ready. Means I'll have to dig up a space or at least clear out the area where I planted from last year. That of course means less area for grass to grow which is always a good thing in my book.

So I've taken my first tentative steps to getting the garden going.

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Brenda said...

Can't wait to hear how your garden grows, Jason! I had the same thought this year -- planting seeds in containers rather than purchasing the more expensive flowers in bloom. I'm hoping to get some this weekend. Did you find an inexpensive place for the containers?