Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going Out to the Ball Game

Headed out to a Nationals' game on Wednesday. Since they do have the worst record in baseball it was not too much of a surprise that they lost. The pitching is just horrible. The Post summed up the game best:

If nothing else, the Washington Nationals were kind enough to submit several forcible warning signs that Wednesday night would be ugly and long well before it got too long. In general, it's never a good sign when a game begins at 7:06 p.m. and the bullpen is already buzzing by 7:18. It's never a good sign when the starter doesn't record an out until the 28th pitch. It's never a good sign when the pitching staff walks six of the first 14 batters it faces.

I will say there were two home runs and two triples. One thing that I did not understand was that on six different occasions the lead off batter tried to bunt. Three times on by each team. Only once did anyone get on base. Final score 5-4 Rockies

I'm heading out to the park again tomorrow. Here's hoping for the best as opposed to the usual results.

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