Monday, August 17, 2009

Tandem Training Continues

I still have my two trainers. In fact last week Shawn joined us for my session on Tuesday and Friday. Actually on Friday Ed sort of let Shawn run the show. Ed contributed a couple of routines but that was about it. Tuesday was a very intensive leg day. This time I did squats and lunges with a bar instead of using just dumbbells. I noticed that my right knee has a tendency to turn in ever so slightly. (This became even more apparent on Friday when we were doing lunges with just dumbbells.) The bar is part of a Smith Machine. It allows you to place your legs father in front of your body then just using a regular bar.

I was pushed to my about my limit on this machine. The weight kept going up with each set. I did three in all. In the middle of the third set, Shawn asked how I was doing and if I could keep going. I set a goal of three more reps. It was hard but I did make it. After that the rest of the exercises for that session seemed rather easy. We practiced doing the hand stand push up. I find it difficult to move my legs up the wall while at the same time moving my hands back to be closer to the wall. I did pretty well. I did two sets. Ed stressed that I should only do five or six because of all the blood rushing to me head. I agreed that six was a good goal to set.

Wednesday was spinning. There was a guest instructor and he had a very hard routine. With the intense leg workout the night before and then this on Wednesday morning my legs especially my thighs were well to put it mildly screaming. I really didn’t get a full sense of how sore they were until later in the day. I really noticed it when I was home and going up and down the stairs. I skipped doing my walks. In part because I thought it best to give my legs a rest and also because summer was finally acting like summer. It was hot out.

Friday we went back to lunges. Legs were really hurting but actually the exercises seem to get easier. I think working out actually helped to loosen up my legs. It reminded me of when I went to the spinning class after I did the century. It made my legs feel better then and the same thing happened on Friday.

More work on the hand stand push up. My problem as on Tuesday was the inability to get my feet up the wall while moving my hands closer to the wall at the same time. I said I think I need to work on one thing at a time. So we worked on getting my legs up. I did OK. Not perfect but very slowly I’m getting better.

Saturday was another spinning class. The Saturday class I like the best. The main reason is that is an hour long. You wouldn’t think 15 minutes would make that much of a difference but it really does. I also really like the instructor Michelle. There’ve been times when it’s been just the two of us in the class. That fact makes me a little concerned that they may cancel the class but until then I plan to be spinning there on Saturday mornings.

Sunday was homework day. I get Ed to set up a series of exercises for me. This was a very heavy workout involving push ups of all kinds. But the first thing I tried was the hand stand push up. I went into the aerobics studio and tried it on one of the posts in the room. I got into the hand stand position with no problem. I did some push ups and then got down. I tried again. No problems in getting my legs up on the wall. I was very excited. I went through and did the other series of exercises. I then decided to see if I could do the hand stand again. I figure at the end of the workout, which is when I usually try them during a training session, would be the real test. Again no problem. I was even able to move my hands in a little closer to the wall. I was thrilled.

Today after the spinning class I tried it again. I was able to do the hand stand and a couple of push ups. I still need to be closer to the wall. Ed happened to be in the gym and I said to him half way there. He said half way to what. I responded you have to wait until tomorrow.

I remember seeing a guy do the hand stand push ups. I thought it would be great to be able to do them but figured I wasn’t strong enough to do them. Well that’s not the case any more.

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