Monday, August 10, 2009

A little more than 6 months in to Obama's Term

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since Barak Obama became President of the United States.

How refreshing to have someone who actually thinks about what’s going on and what positions should be taken by the government.

With the battle for health care in high gear, it’s hard to remember the big fight over the stimulus package. That was like back in February and that really does seem like a life time ago. Is the stimulus working? I would say yes. It takes a while for the government to dole out money. The fact that it is taking so long I think is a good thing. We’re close to reaching the bottom. The projects that are under way using stimulus money have helped cushion the fall to the bottom. Once the money gets into the pipeline later this year and into next it will help with the recovery.

The only draw back to the stimulus package is one more in a promise about the level of unemployment. The Obama administration said where they thought unemployment would go. They guessed low which considering all the economic upheaval that’s going on is not a surprise. It is unfortunately a weapon the administration has handed to the Republicans to beat them over the head with. But they’ll only be able to use it if the economy is not doing better in a year. I have a feeling it will be doing better. Not great but better.

Then there is Sonia Sotomayor nomination and confirmation to the Supreme Court. As I’ve stated before the notion that someone’s upbringing and background would not influence how they look at the law is ridiculous (the important thing is that your background cannot be the only thing to influence your decision). But that certainly didn’t stop the Republicans for using it as an excuse a very stupid one at that to vote against her. Talk about change who would have thought that this would have happened in January that there would be another woman on the Supreme Court who just so happened to be Hispanic.

There is of course the continuing what shall I call siren songs of the nut cases out there aided and abetted by the far right pundits and politicians. I am of course talking about the birthers. What can be said about them. Then there’s Sarah Palin calling Obama’s health care plan evil. That it will mean “death panels.” An out and out right lie but then again what else can you expect from Palin. The overall tone of the health care debate and debate I use loosely in the town meeting which have been packed by opponents of the plan. I have no problem getting people out to talk with their elected representatives but this is packing the meetings to shout down anyone who’s against the plan. There’s nothing democratic about that at all. And the Republicans have clearly show (most obvious example is DeMint’s statement) is they may be opposed to some aspects of the reform but the most important thing to do is to defeat so they can bring Obama down a peg. Once again the Republican Party places their party before what is good for the country.

Will health care pass? Yes I think it will. It will probably have to be changed somewhat from its present form but Obama will get it done.

In all, I have to say I’m very pleased with the first six months of Obama’s presidency. There are more things to do but there’s time to do them. And Obama has shown he’s up to the challenge of getting things done.

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