Sunday, August 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

Yes, bowling. I went bowling for the first time in like 5 years probably much closer to 10. It was very fun. Went with my friend Mark who suggested that we go. It was originally going to be Burger King and bowling but we decided on Panera Bread instead.

And we lucked into 99 cent games. So we bowled four games. My first game I bowled in the 80s. The next two were at 105. And the last game well we both regretted doing that one.

It was a great deal of fun. A way to get some exercise and a fun way to spend the afternoon. There having 99 cent games next weekend to so I just might go again.

The only small little draw back is the ring finger on my right hand hurts this morning.

Death Panels

Here's an important update on the Obama Death Panels. Paula Abdul will be serving on one of them. You can get the full story up following this link and scroll down until you reach the entry: Paula Abdul Appointed to Obama Death Panel. I know I was greatly concerned what Paula would be doing after leaving American Idol. It's good to know she has another job.

New Camera

I got a new digital camera yesterday. I got a Nikon Coolpix S560. I looked at it last week. I'm glad I waited a week before buying it because the price went down $50. It seems Nikon is going to be bringing out a new model very soon so it's trying to get rid of these. Worked out great for me.

The reason I'm getting a new one is that the one I have is too big. Well to put it better is not streamlined enough. I have a Canon Powershot. I like it. It takes great pictures. The thing is it runs on AA batteries. In order to incorporate the batteries in the design of the camera it has for lack of a better description a bump out on one side.

Now under normal circumstance this would be fine. The problem I found was when I was riding my bike. I like to bring along a camera to document my ride. The little bump out make it difficult to put the camera into the pocket of the bike jersey I wear when I'm riding. It's a pain and on a couple of occasion I nearly dropped the camera. And if I dropped it I'd be buying a new camera. So I decided I needed to look into getting a new one. The reason there were no pictures on the century was because I didn't want to have the hassle of taking it along. I'd have liked to have taken a couple of pictures when I was riding in the dark but. Well you get the idea.

I charged up the battery and installed the memory card and will be taking pictures soon that is as soon as I read through the 100 plus page instruction manual.


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Wait, you're going to read the instruction manual?! Are you mad? That's just not the done thing, you know.

Seriously, I bought a little camera for exactly the same reason—smaller, easier to carry around. But it's also newer and much higher resolution than the older one, so we don't even use the old one anymore. C'est technologie, I suppose.

Jason in DC said...

Well yes I know it's not done. Maybe I'll just look at some of the pictures.