Thursday, August 06, 2009

Metro Tries to do More

Metro is at least trying to do more to actually consider their customers for a change.

There are now regular announcements made by train operators that trains are pulling up to the front of the platform and to expect continued delays on the Red Line. There’s even a pamphlet being handed out called What You Can Expect on the Red Line — Summer 2009. This is a very good idea. The question should be what took them so long.

One of the main problems that I have with Metro in fact have always had with Metro, is their inability of getting information to people in a timely manner. They always seem to be behind the curve. This is a good effort but again the question has to be asked what took them so long.

The investigation into the June 22 crash continues. Metro has no control over how long the NTSB will be conducting the investigation. It seems to me the NTSB should be putting out some more information on how long it expects the investigation to last.

Then of course there is next year to look forward when Metro launches its four year renovation of the Red Line. They really do need to do a great deal more to let people know what’s going on with this upcoming project. They need to ramp up an information campaign several months before the renovations start (like now).

This will be a test Metro will really need to pass. People’s patient is stretched thin as it and fouling up next year may be the last straw to many riders.

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