Monday, August 03, 2009

Hall and Oates at Wolf Trap, Part II

A really great show from Hall and Oates last night at Wolf Trap. And just fantastic seats. Row C. Not exactly center but pretty damn close. It was as always fun to see these guys.

This is the seventh time I’ve seen them. The first time was at D.A.R. Constitution Hall. It was during their Kiss on My List Tour in 1980. I saw them twice at Merriweather Post Pavillion. These two shows were when they were at the top of their popularity. They were sold out both times. I particularly remember them playing Private Eyes when they sang private eyes they’re watching you two sets of very bright spot lights would shine directly out into the audience almost blinding you.

Then it was many years before I saw them again. They played at the Warner theater in DC in 2006. They recorded the concert live and after the show you could buy the CD. It is so cool because it’s the concert you went to and you can listen to it over and over again. The next time I saw them was at Strathmore in 2007. Again they offered the option of getting a CD of the concert. I opted to do so again.

Now they post the concerts on their web site and you can download it. I hope they do it for this one.

As I said a great concert. A great crowd. A great way to spend a Sunday evening. Their finally two songs were Kiss on My List and Private Eyes. Two of my favorites. I'll scout out YouTube to see if any video gets uploads in the mean time enjoy the Private Eyes Video.

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