Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Cents for a Bag

That's the new law that went into effect at the beginning of this year. If you buy anything and get a bag, the bag costs 5 cents. From the Post:

Less than a month into the program, which D.C. officials describe as an effort to reduce litter and generate funds to clean up the Anacostia River, the nickel bag fee is having a big impact. Managers at stores that sell food or beverages say the switchover has cut the use of plastic bags by half or more. One Safeway in Northwest reports a falloff of more than 6,000 bags a week, about half of its former volume.

The problem I have is remembering to bring a bag with me. The Giant down the street gave out free reusable bags for the first week in January. Every time you went you got one of these bags. I have three now. I'm trying to remember to keep one in my car. It will take a little getting use to but I'll adjust.

From time to time I will buy a bag because I use them for taking car of Sam's litter box.

The funny thing about this is some of the comments people have been leaving on the Post story. Here's one: Bunch of communist and socialist losers who couldn't survive working for a living. And another: My behavior has changed as well. I now do all my shopping when I'm in Northern Virginia. So now DC is not only NOT getting my 5 cents for bags but they are not getting my money for groceries, etc. since I'm spending it in Virginia.

As a quick side note Virginia charges tax on groceries DC doesn't.

All I can say to those people is take a deep breath. It's 5 cents a bag. 5 cents.

One quick final point on this disposable bags represent 47% of the trash in the Anacostia River. So the tax is a good thing if it can reduce the number of bags in the river.

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