Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saved by an iPhone Application

The images that come out of Haiti continue to be overwhelming. It is hard to imagine such complete and total devastation unless you actually see the pictures.

But in all the devastation and ruin come some amazing stories. This is one of them.

Dan Woolley used an application on his iPhone called Jive Media Pocket First Aid & CPR. He accessed information that told him how to treat his injuries.

... he found recommendations for how to self-treat his injuries.

"So I used my shirt to tie my leg and a sock on the back of my head. And later used it for other things, like to diagnose shock," he added.

Woolley also used the iPhone's more traditional functions, setting its alarm to go off every 20 minutes to keep him from falling asleep.

Eventually, after about 66 hours trapped under the rubble, Woolley was pulled out alive by French rescuers.

Isn't modern technology something!

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Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes, and I love those apps common to the iPod Touch (since I don't have an iPhone). But I can guarantee that after 66 hours, the battery wasn't still working!