Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Democrats Blow It Big Time

That’s the only way to look at what happened in Massachusetts. There’s a great deal of blame to go around. Once again the candidate ran a horrible campaign. She took a Caribbean vacation after the primary. The assumption was this was Ted Kennedy’s seat and as Brown rightly said no it’s the people’s seat. No one seemed to take this guy seriously until it was too late. If you think things will just come you way with out working for them watch out.

Obama has to take some responsibility for this as well. He should have been up there campaigning much earlier. He should have stated his position on the economy not only for the people of Massachusetts but for the country as well.

And the Democratic Party has to take some blame for this as well. They should have been campaigning hard and fast to win this seat. They knew how important it was and yet took it for granted. The elections last fall should have pointed out to the Dems that people aren’t in the mood to be taken for granted.

This is sort of my first assessment of what happened. I'm going to ponder things a little more and post more about this also about the first year of Obama being in office.

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Anonymous said...

Obama still hasn't said anything publicly about the lessons learned from this defeat — the way Clinton did after the Newt revolution in the early 90s. He has changed his tune, from health care to attacking the banks, but that's just smoke. I doubt that the White House will change its "hands off" approach to governing. Obama will remain aloof even as the independents dismantle the Democratic majorities in November. It was fun for a few days last January, though ...

... Ed