Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Battling a Cold

I'm still battling my cold/sinus. It's amazing how the flow of phlegm never seems to stop. Also a soon as I get into bed I start coughing and that can last several hours. On several occasions I've actual woken up while I was coughing. I'm thinking, if I could actually get a couple of good nights sleep, it would knock this thing out. So far that hasn't happened.

I've been taking over the counter drugs to help fight this. For the first week it was only cold medicine. Now I'm taking sinus. It's amazing the number of these things you can find on the shelves at the store. The best thing to do is find a cold and sinus medicine. I can't believe how much of this stuff I've bought over the past two weeks. I have stuff at home and at work.

I still think they should invent something that you can shove up your nose that just sucks all the gross stuff out.

But for now it's time to take another dose of medication.

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