Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Babe Flu Shot

I got mine yesterday. I went to the doctor so he could check on my cold/sinus condition and the continual flow of phlegm. He said that my lungs were clear. That my sinuses were inflamed and producing mucus which inflamed the area even more which well you get the picture. I got a nasal spray and a prescription for some cough medicine.

I asked if they had Babe Flu shots and I was told yes. And I got one. So far no side effects.

It’s interesting how the coverage and concern about Babe Flu has essentially disappeared. There is almost no coverage about it any more in the media. After the first wave in the fall coverage pretty much disappeared. The main reason is that it turned into a non-event. If people had started dropping like flies, then there would have been wall to wall coverage. But other more important things have come up like Tiger Woods.

I have noticed that there are ads on TV saying the best way to protect against the flu is to get the shot. Walgreens has been running ads saying it is giving out the shot as well. To me the thing that is missing is an announcement from the CDC that people should get the vaccine and that everyone can now get it. I’m not in one of the high risks groups and I was able to get the shot with ease. That point needs to be made and stated out right. Both of the ads on TV talk about getting the vaccine but don’t specifically state that anyone can get the shot.

An article from the Post today states

Get ready for a huge flu-shot push as health officials try to rekindle interest in protection against this new influenza strain that, despite plummeting cases, still is threatening lives - even as they reassess just how much more vaccine needs to be shipped.

I guess this makes sense for a big push after the holidays. Any attempt to push the vaccine would have been lost in all the hubbub of the holidays.

It will be interesting to see what type of media the government uses to push for the vaccination and exactly how they word the message.

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