Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James Mitchell Passes

If anyone watches soaps especially, All My Children, you'll recognize James Mitchell. He played Palmer Cortlandt. He played that role for 30 years.

I can remember when he came on the show. That's how long I've been watching All My Children. Over summer vacations, I'd watch it with my mom and brother. We'd have lunch during it and then my brother would go off to work. Later on I'd catch up on it when I was home from college over breaks and then when I was home at Christmas time. Over time my dad became a fan of the show.

Here's a very brief description of the character Palmer Cortlandt

Palmer first appeared in 1979 as a powerful businessman who always made sure he had control of everything in his life, including his daughter Nina. When Nina went blind and fell for her doctor, Cliff Warner, Palmer convinced Nina that she wasn't right for Cliff. Palmer has always been a major rival in the life and dealings of Adam Chandler. Among Palmer's former wives, was Nina's mother, Daisy, whom he still thinks of fondly; and notably, Opal Gardner, whom he has a son, named Petey. Palmer left town in 2009. He still doesn't know that his nephew JR Chandler has cancer.

But what you might not know about Mitchell is that he was a dancer. He appeared on Broadway in Brigadoon and Paint Your Wagon. He also was danced the role of Curly in the dream sequence in the movie Oklahoma.

Here's are a couple of clips from YouTube. One is an interview and the other a tribute.

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