Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bubble Wrap Turns 50

Yes Bubble Wrap the thing we love to pop turns 50 this month. And yesterday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. I certainly hope you had some around to pop.

As the article in the Post said:

Mostly, they like the sound it makes when they destroy it, piece by piece, which largely explains the appeal of Bubble Wrap, the stress reducer disguised as package cushioning that maintains an inexplicable hold on pop culture.

What I didn't know is that originally bubble wrap was supposed to be textured wallpaper. Needless to say that idea never got off the ground.

It became what we know of it today because:

the product the two men had created in a small lab in New Jersey found its niche when, according to company lore, Fielding was flying into Newark Airport and noticed the fluffy clouds that seemed to cushion the plane's descent.

So happy birthday Bubble Wrap. And if you don't have some handy to pop follow this link to BubbleWrapFun.com. Enjoy!

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