Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I Got on Fox News

That's not something that you can say every day.

This is my friend Christian and myself being interviewed in Times Square for part of a clip about our reaction of the death of Elizabeth Taylor. Since we'd taken the bus up to New York that morning and then saw a play, we had no idea that she had died. The weird thing about it is that we'd talked about her over dinner.

Now the reason it took so long to find the clip. I knew that the person doing the interview was from Fox. But I didn't know if she was from the local station or from the national one. Christian couldn't remember which station. So last week when we were at Food and Friends we were catching up with someone we hadn't seen for awhile. She asked about our trip to New York. We filled her in on the details one of which was of course the interview. Christian said he wondered which station it was because he'd like to try and find the clip. I told him.

Today in an e-mail was the link to the clip. I've embedded it below but just in case it doesn't work you can try clicking here.

Elizabeth Taylor Dead: