Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes People do the Silliest Things

I know that really doesn’t come as a huge surprise but recently I’ve noticed more and more examples of it happening.

This happened last week and I will add one of the more amusing things people try and do that are stupid. I’m on the Metro platform at Rhode Island Avenue waiting for a train. There’s been a little bit of a wait between trains. It’s rush hour and in all likelihood I won’t be getting on the first train that pulls into the station. Sure enough the train comes in and it is packed. But there are still people who try and board the train. There is little if any room left for people. Yet people still try and push into the train. They continue to push until the doors close. I’m on the platform shaking my head. I catch the eye of a woman next to me doing the same thing. She says something along the lines what’s the rush to get packed into the train. We both smile. The next train comes in and just about empty. There are plenty of seats. We smile again as we enter the car. I’m thinking to myself three minutes people couldn’t have waited three minutes.

Another example happened this past Saturday. I’m driving down to go to Home Depot and Giant. There is a left turn lane that allows you turn into the parking lot. I get the green arrow. There is a woman on her bike coming in the opposite direction. She doesn’t stop at the light which is of course red because I have the turn arrow. She starts into the intersection. I’ve started my turn. I cannot for the life of me figure out how she doesn’t see me. I honk my horn (which I’m not able to do because I got it fixed last week; it had a short). Then only then did she stop. I have to wonder what she planned to do if I’d just kept turning.

My final example of silly things comes from my drive up to the dealership to get my horn fixed. First off I have to say I’m so glad I got it fixed. Unfortunately this incident occurred before I got it fixed. I’m heading up to Rockville to drop the car off. I’ll add that I really like this dealership. It’s not too hard to get to and the people there are really nice. It’s early in the morning a little before 7 am. The traffic is not too bad. I’m in the left hand lane. I’m coming to a stop. There is a left turn lane (turn lanes seem to be a theme here). The person in front of me comes to a stop. He then angles his car over into the turn lane. He ends up blocking both lanes. The unfortunate part of this is the left turn arrow is not at the start of the cycle of the light but at the end. Thankfully, at least for me and two of the cars behind me, there is no traffic in the right lane so we’re able to get around this guy. The other people behind us are not so lucky. It looked like they had to wait until the left turn arrow came on. I was long gone before that happened. Having a working horn would have been so nice to have.

Anyway those are a few of the silly/stupid things I’ve noticed people doing lately.

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