Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Ed and I did on Monday

Since we discovered the problem with Ed's iPhone on Sunday, we decided to take a trip to the Georgetown Apple store.

We got up and had breakfast and watched some of the coverage of the horrible tornado that went through Joplin. Springfield is not all that far away. In fact on Sunday night we'd talked with both our dad and Jennifer about what was going on in Springfield. Thankfully all they got was wind and rain.

Headed out for the Metro around 9. Got into Georgetown a little before 10. Went to the Apple store. They confirmed that indeed the iPhone was toast. What was great is that they replaced the phone right there. We were in and out of the store in just about 20 minutes.

We decided to go to the National Building Museum and see the Lego exhibit that was there. Then we'd do lunch and head back to my place.

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One who has been changed said...

It is indeed horrible to see the destructive power of a tornado and the mess it leaves behind. It reminds me of the destructive nature of sin and the mess it leaves in the lives of all who are touched by it and have not accepted the forgiveness of God through His son Jesus the Christ.(Check out book of John in the Bible)