Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21

Well it is certainly a very bright and beautiful day. A very nice way to go out since this is the last day on earth. After all the rapture will take place later today.

I'm a little confused because May 21 is getting close to ending for my friend in New Zealand and nothing's happened there so far. In fact in about an hour and half it will be May 22. So I guess the end comes at 6pm (which is when Harold Camping said the end would start) but not New Zealand. So does the end start at 6pm Greenwich Mean Time or is that 6pm Eastern Time. And does the fact we're now on daylight savings time mean it will be an hour later or an hour earlier than 6pm. Let's see spring ahead. So I guess it will be 5pm if it the end starts in the eastern time zone.

Oh well, I guess I can't worry about it.

My brother is flying out here today. He's interviewing someone on Tuesday for the journal he works on. Of course the interview won't happen. But it will be good to be with him when the end starts.

I sort of like that when the end starts.

Hope everyone has a good last day.

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