Monday, May 16, 2011

A Nationals Game

The first game of the season that I went to. Got together some people from Food and Friends and some other friends too and went. Very very exciting. 5 home runs. Most that I've ever seen in a game. Back to back home runs. Never seen that in a game either. Too bad it was for the Marlins. A spectacular catch by Roger Bernadina which prevented the Marlins from scoring and made the game go into extra innings.

Marlins scored three runs in the first inning. Looked like it could be a long night. It turned into one because the Nats came back to tie the game and it went into extra innings. Unfortunately the Nats lost 6-5 but it was still a great game. The Nats had their chances. They even loaded the bases but had two out at the time. Still it was fun!

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