Friday, April 04, 2014

Nationals' Home Opener

Well the day has finally arrived. It's the first home game of the season.The anticipation is high again this season. Hopefully somewhat more realistic then last year.

I think the hopes and potential pitfalls of these season are best summed up by this column Tom Boswell in the Post:

As the Washington Nationals open their home season Friday afternoon, they need to keep two very different but equally important goals in mind for this season: Bludgeon the bums and edge the Braves.

If they do both, the Nats probably will win the NL East and, with the gift of an incredibly soft schedule, likely win so many games that they have home-field advantage in a playoff series. If they don’t, they’ll not only waste an obvious opportunity but watch Atlanta roll past them to another division crown.

But that's all in the future. Right now I'm excited about the first home game of the season. I'm getting my Natitued on and warming up for Lets Go Nats.

Lets Go Nats


LETS GO NATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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