Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Primary Day in DC

Today is primary in DC. If you are a registered voter in DC get out and vote today.

I actually voted early. I know I wouldn't be able to vote in the morning because I would be going to the gym. After work there are a couple of things I need to do, so rather than take the chance of not being able to get to the polling place on time, I voted on Saturday.

I went out on misty rainy Saturday and voted. The polling place was at Turkey Thicket. There were all sorts of people waiting outside the polling place. They were all supporters of various candidates. More than willing to tell you where their candidate was on the ballot. Vote for number 2. Or were willing to give you a brochure on their candidate.

It just so happened that one of the candidates running for mayor was at Turkey Thicket. It was Muriel Bowser. I shook her hand and said I'm going in to vote for you. She thanked me and I went in to vote.

I was surprised at the number of people there to vote considering how bad the weather was. I was also surprised that you voted by using voting machines. No paper ballots at all that was cool. It didn't take me very long to vote and I headed out. On my way out I wished Bowser good luck.

I'm urging everyone to get out and vote today. It should be nice for most of the day just a small chance of rain in the afternoon. So get out and vote!

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