Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Funny Things Happened on the Way and at the Game

The rather empty row I was in for the game.

The first funny thing for the day happened on the way to the game. But there needs to be a little set up to my day so you get a sense of the mood that I was in.

So it was bobblehead day. I wanted to there a little early to make sure I would get my bobble. It was also a really really nice warm sunny day and I thought it would be more than fine with me to wonder around the park for a couple of hours before the game. I wanted to leave sometime between 10:30 and 11.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a bag so I could put the bobble in it. I headed out around 10:40. I got a block or so from my house and realized that I forgot the bag. I went back and this is when the fun began. I didn’t properly turn off the alarm. Somehow I hit the panic button. I didn’t realize it at first but when I tried to arm the alarm to go (after making sure I had the bag this time) it wouldn’t let me do anything.

I receive a call from the alarm company asking me if everything is fine. I say yes. This was my fault I pressed the wrong buttons. But now I need someone to help me reset the alarm. I’m transferred to tech support. We go through a few things and then suddenly I’m disconnected. Not only am I disconnected but the phone is suddenly dead too. In a few minutes the phone starts working again. I call the alarm company back in a short order everything is fine.

I’m running a little behind and double time it to the subway. There is always work on the weekends (not that cherry blossom season is over). If you don’t hit things right you can add a good 40 minutes on to your trip. I got lucky. I didn’t have to wait very long at Rhode Island Ave or Gallery Place.

The fun started when I got L’Enfant Plaza. Four guys got on. Two of them had an open can of beer in their hands. It was clear they’d all had more than one beer. They were pretty trashed. As I said there were four of them. Three of them about my height and around my weight. The fourth guy a good 4 to 5 inches taller than I was and at least 50 or more pounds heavy.

One of the guys says hey hang on as the train starts heading to the next stop. I thinking one of these guys is not going to hold on and is going to fall right in to me. Sure enough it did and guess which one it was. Yep the big guy. He apologized. Thankfully I sort of had my hands up ready for him so nothing happened to me. His friends thought it was funny. Really funny one of them had a loud laugh which another one of them called the drinking laugh. Once they started they all took turns trying to imitate the laugh. They got really loud. But since there were so many people in the car, it turned out they weren’t all that loud. I will say I was glad there was only two stops until the stop for Nats’s Park.

The second thing happened in the park toward the end of the game. It was of course bobblehead day. Some people left early they were in the row in front of me. By the way I had an isle seat and for a large part of the game I was the only person in the entire. Much later in the game people showed up (it was two dads with their sons) but I don't think they actually had seats in the row.

Anyway a guy the row in front of me all the way at the other side went looking for his bobbleheads. All of a sudden he says someone has taken two of his. Interesting that that just so happens to be the same number left behind by the couple. So lost bobblehead boy asks one of the dads where the two bobbleheads left in the row came from. I guess bobblehead boy thinks these people took them. How that would be possible is beyond me especially since I saw those people bring in the bobbleheads.

This goes back and forth for awhile. Then one of the dads gets up grabs the errant bobbleheads and heads into the concourse. I don't know what he did with them because I was focused on the game. But bobblehead boy had a minor melt down about them. For the rest of the game he kept galncing back to where the dads were sitting and giving venomous looks. Never did find out what the dad did with the bobblehead. He didn't say anything about them when he got back.

But thankfully at the end of the game as everyone was leaving bobblehead boy happened upon two left bobbleheads. Hopefully he left the game happy.

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