Sunday, April 27, 2014

You Can't Win Them All But I Got My Bobblehead — Baseball at Nats' Park

What a glorious day for baseball. A bright sunny and warm day (I did bring my jacket which I needed where I was sitting got in the shade). But alas the Nationals could not pull off the win.

Starting picture Taylor Jordan did well allowing only one run. But he did not strike out a single batter. The Nats displayed stellar defense. An amazing catch by Adam LaRoche and another by Ian Desmond brought the crowd to their feet.

The story from the Post says that Jordan was not feeling well:

In the Washington Nationals’ 4-2 loss to the Padres at Nationals Park, Jordan allowed one run over four innings as he pitched through a fever and a persistent headache that sapped his strength. Once Manager Matt Williams decided Jordan couldn’t continue through the illness, relievers Ross Detwiler and Aaron Barrett quickly turned a tie game into a defeat.

The root of their latest loss, which finalized their homestand record at 5-6, surfaced early Sunday morning. Jordan arrived at Nationals Park on almost no sleep, running a fever with a splitting headache. He felt chills and hot flashes. Nationals trainers administered an IV.

But once Jordan left the wheels came off. And the wheels were in the relief pitching (not that the offense was doing a bang up job either). Runs were given up by both relievers, Ross Detwiler and Aaron Barrett, that were brought in immediately after Jordan. What was really bad was Barrett walking not one but two batters with the bases loaded. Two very costly runs.

Going into the eighth, the Nationals were behind 4-1. They got a run closer with Nate McLouth's home run. Jayson Werth had a lead off single in the ninth. So I thought maybe this could be like that improbably come back from a few days back. But the Nats were unable to do anything.

The team is not exactly struggling but it is not getting into a good rhythm. It's fits and starts. Unfortunately it reminds me of the way they played last year. As of now they are in third place, 4 games behind Atlanta. Again not a reason to panic but a reason to dig deep and get things going.

 In other news, I got the Jordan Zimmermann bobblehead. And a find bobblehead it is. There are going to be five more this season. I'm hoping I can get them all.

Nat McLouth crossing home plate.

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